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iPhone 6s vs iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s Plus

Apple is always in the full glare of publicity, so it's an open secret that its products are awaited. One has only to appear, a very expected mobile novelty goes through various tests, e.g. water resistance, fire resistance, crack resistance and so on. SquareTrade specialists have tested the new... (read more)


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Teens Meet Windows 95

Teens are maximalists. They have a compelling need for moving forward and learning new things. We all sometimes catch ourself thinking that we know everything in this world and even more. So to say about young people.

On the video below, young Americans are offered to experience the Windows 9... (read more)


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Hotel for Gamers

Gamers are often worried about having console with them or at least within their eyesight. It might become a real problem for such kind of people to travel or go on a business trip. A lot of hoteliers try to take care of gamers and organize special lounge rooms supplied with different stuff like... (read more)


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Black Friday 2015: Customer Attack

Thanksgiving Day is not only a world'd famous family holiday for all American people (in particular) but also a special day of the year for shoppers. On the 4th Thursday of November, a lot of shops/stores open their doors for those who are willing to get useful (scarcely ever) stuff for incredib... (read more)


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Memento SmartFrame for Tech-Lovers

Have you ever noticed that any picture you buy bores you in length of time? Unfortunately, this long-lived buying brings only brief enjoyment. That's why the idea to create something special came to these developers' mind.

Well, the Memento Electronics company decided to solve that problem and... (read more)


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No Skype = Global Panic?

The whole world is keeping watch over the Skype's destiny since the world's most famous service technical issues couldn't escape notice. Users all over the world have some difficulty while trying to connect to the service.

Microsoft (the Skype owner) is in the loop of the whole situation at ... (read more)


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Buddy Can Become Your Best Friend

The Blue Frog Robotics company is creating a new robot – Buddy. This small mechanic helper is impressively interactive and can look after your house, your kids, advise recipes, remind of important meetings, control the lights and other connected devices.

Buddy has 16 Gb of integrated memory, Wi... (read more)


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Meet USB Flash Drive with Wi-Fi

SanDisk has revealed a flash drive of new generation which is called Connect Wireless Stick. The main goal is simplifying the process of data exchange among several mobile devices and PCs. The device can hold up to 128Gb of information and has an inserted app for content management.

Connect W... (read more)


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3D-Printer Builds a Bridge in Amsterdam

Have you already heard? I haven't. That's an amazing progress, I suppose! The only thing I know for sure is that I'd like to see it myself and step on it to try and feel it's real. Let's go to Amsterdam?!

You have some time to think over this idea. The MX3D will start building in 2017. The m... (read more)