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Who doesn't like video games? I guess, the majority of you likes. Online video games perhaps? Well, right, not everyone is fond of them, but they would certainly help you beguile weary working hours.

The game I have recently come across, however, must be used for that purpose with exceptional caution, especially if your boss is interested in politics. StarvingEyes have released an online shooter 'Tea Party movement zombies must die', in which the player is to kill zombies mocking the most prominent American politicians, in particular members of the Tea Party movement, and the political situation in the US. Among them you can find an anonymously expressing racist ideas zombie, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity zombie, and — attention! — a factory-made blonde Fox News Barbie who has never had a problem in her life zombie.

When the player gets killed, he's told, 'You got Teabagged! P.S. You didn't have health insurance, so you died. P.P.S. There's no such thing as God, so you died for eternity.' A friend of mine couldn't resist temptation to add, 'P.P.P.S. You've got no death insurance either, so you owe us for each successive day off.'

So, if you're bored at work, or just don't like the populist movement in the country, you can go and shoot everybody who makes you nervous. Just make sure your boss (or the President) is not hanging around :)


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

I'm ready to pay hundreds of bucks if I can blow out her brains there!

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