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Finally, a minute to reflect.

For the longest time I was battling with myself in regards to which Tablet PC to get. Apple's products are overpriced and were ignored right away, besides I already own an iPod 3rd Generation, which will run iOS5, so I am all set with Apple. So the two tablets that I couldn't choose between were: Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Lenovo's IdeaPad K1 or A1 but it has to be with 3G and Red cover. My heart was set on Lenovo's product as I own its laptop and it is PERFECT. But then, I saw a couple of reviews and read a couple of articles that said that K1 has some glitches etc. And when its screen brightness was compared to one of the Samsung's device, the latter won.

I own a Samsung TV with AllShare capability. I've done some research to see if Lenovo's App Store has something related to Samsung or AllShare, but I didn't find anything, hence my mind is made up… I am going to get Samsung's Galaxy Tab… and then in the future, when I have the dough, I will get the beautiful red Lenovo's K1 Tablet. So excited about the future!!!


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