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Have you ever seen a yellow cow with a blue tail?

As a mother of a 6-years-old boy, I'm concerned about the development of his skills and habits. If you are a parent, you surely know how difficult sometimes is it to seat these little terrible fidgets to teach them to read,draw or speak English. I've tried a lot of games,among them are boards as well as active, but the typical reaction of my child to my suggestions to read a book or to learn some new English words is sadly:«Oh,Mom, we'd better play ball or watch „Cars 2!“. Oh, I shouldn't be angry! I must keep calm! After a lot of attempts, successful and unsuccessful,I've understood that I have to find any new ways for making his educational process more funny. Thus, it has come to my mind to try downloading and testing some kids computer programs and games.

Without putting it off,yesterday we've started with the Kea Coloring book. And I was very surprised about the suddenly 20 minutes quiet for our neighbours living below:) My son was really fascinated by filling images with different colors. He selected a humorous cow grazing in a meadow. And then the creative process started. I found out that a cow can be red,orange or yellow, but, for some unknown reasons, it must have a blue tail! Coloring some flowers on an another image, my child was delighted with using a brush tool and he exclaimed: „What a real fun!“

And I just thought: „If only this particular program could have a feature which allows to hear names of colors in English! So that,we would be able to combine business with pleasure!“


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