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The Greatest Typewriter EVAH!

I'm an avid sci-fi fan and read at least two books of this genre a month. One of the greatest sci-fi authors EVAH is, in my opinion, Henry Kuttner, whose stories about the alcoholic inventor, Gallegher, made lots of my days. This guy is an absolute genius, but he's got one insignificant drawback: he can cobble something together only if he is drunk as a pig. That's why the principles, according to which most of his inventions work, are a complete mystery to the hapless drunkard.

The best and most practical of his devices is the so-called 'alco-organ'. That's not a spare liver, that's a huge machine with a keyboard, where each key corresponds to an alcoholic drink. So, whenever Gallegher felt like playing some 'music', he just pressed a couple of keys and sipped the resulting 'piece'.

The image of that awesome 'instrument' used to haunt me since my teenage years, when I first read about it. Every time we party, I and Greg, one of my best buddies, end up mumbling indistinctly that it would be really cool to have something like this in your bar.

And now… And now… And now I know I've lived my life not in vain, I know that all these years of waiting have finally brought their glorious fruit and we can relish it to the full: I have found the Greatest Typewriter EVAH!!!


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