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A SAD day for Apple

So after Apple has finished announcing their new iPhone 4S model, their stocks slowly but surely began to slide down — as the sign to the company that its anticipated invention is not that inventive! I mean yeah, they've made 2 phones into one (iPhone 4 GSM and CDMA models into one «the World Phone»), yes they've improved the camera (but really, who expects to take great pictures with a phone? don't you outstanding pictures require specialized hardware, like let's say a camera!)… included the old/new/old/new/old (whatever) processor A5 with two cores, WOW!!! Yeah its graphics are faster, but it is a phone, not a game console… I bet most people would be just happy with Angry Birds, or whatever is the hip game right now, and those games do not require to have the graphics processed 7 times faster than before, and finally, the upgraded operating system — until I see what's in iOS 5 and how it is better, I have nothing to say about it.

So to sum up, Apple presented its audience, some hardcore Apple fans, with an «innovative» model of their phone… REALLY?!

The one good thing that came out of it is that the prices got slashed a little bit. Now I can get my niece some Apple gadgets, like a cheaper iPod… she will lose or break it quickly anyway, she is 10.


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