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What Was That, Actually?

I think the yesterday's presentation of new Apple's products was one big failure from all points of view. It was a miss both tactically and strategically, especially for the new-baked CEO of the Cupertino giant, Tim Cook. After Jobs' resignation everybody expected him to present something revolutionizing, something really visionary, which could somehow prove that the mightiest gay on the planet is a worthy successor of one of the most charismatic people in the world business ever.

What did we get instead? That was really miserable. A funny guy in a dowdy shirt, speaking in a creaky voice and trying to persuade us he 'loves Apple'. Sure he loves, I'd love the company that has made me a billionaire, too.

What did this creaky guy present? A slightly modified iPhone 4 (now, for some error, it is called iPhone 4S, an extra letter has slipped in) and told us we'd be able to purchase iPhone 3 in the US at no cost if we sign a two-year contract with a mobile phone network.

That was not so tremendous, visionary, and revolutionary, was it?


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