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Bye, Steve

I'm so used to Apple's predictable, commonplace marketing strategies, that I could not believe it is a simple coincidence Steve Jobs died 24 hours after the presentation of iPhone 4S. And I surmise that Jobs could die earlier than is officially stated on Apple's web-site.

Just think about it: the visionary, the co-founder, and major driving force behind virtually all successful projects by Apple, dies right before the presentation of the company's new product. Bad? Unimaginably bad! If I were Cook, I would try to persuade the grieving Jobs' family to make a little pause of 24 hours and release an official statement a bit later.

Or maybe it's nothing but a whole lot of nonsense, and Steve stayed true to himself to the very end: he could not pass away before seeing the new Apple product presented.

Anyway, this is was one of the most contradictory figures in the IT-industry. The craziest, best-selling ideas, and at the same time elimination of all Apple's philanthropic programs after his comeback to the company in 1996: these are the two sides of his personality.

And despite my bias against Apple, I should admit that I will miss this man in black turtlenecks. It's going to be much more boring without you, Steve.

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


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