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The State Trojan

That's a nice story, I must say.

It turned out that the government of one of the German states has been spying on its citizens' computers. Well, not the computers of all citizens, just of those who 'seemed suspicious' to the officials.

These guys had malicious software implanted onto the machines of the suspects'. The program they planted into other people's systems was a Trojan, capable of additional software downloads, so after being installed it started downloading additional software from the Web. As a result, the state hackers acquired the full control of the computer owner's mics and web-cams and could surveil the suspects by means of these devices.

What's even funnier, the hapless hackers from Bavaria got caught by their more experienced colleagues from Chaos Computer Club, one of the most respectable hacker organisation in Europe. Suffice it to say, that some of the members of these club reputedly belong to the Anonymous group that has committed a number of high-profile electronic crimes this year. The German net-raiders were outraged at how the state had dared to do their job.

That's a nice story, I must say.


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