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A Civil War Among Wikipedians?

It's getting hot in the Wikipedia community. The long-observed trends of the Web censorship aggravation have finally reached the Free Encyclopedia, as the Wikimedia Foundation sent a mail to the Wikipedia authors, in which it has claimed that many of the Wikipedians try to deliberately shock the public, publishing provocative pictures on the site. So, the German Wikipedia community bewildered the world in the March of 2010, when it published an explicit photograph of female genitalia on its start page. However, the project participants assert this action served the only purpose of 'education and enlightenment'.

This incident, as well as many other, have convinced the Wikimedia Foundation that some filter tools should be introduced into the site. This resolution was published in May and triggered a huge wave of outrage in the Wikipedia community (just can't make myself call these people 'Wikipedians'). Now Ting Chen, the chair of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees, hints at possible tightening the screws on filtering the Wikipedia content.

Well, I don't know whether a photo of female genitalia can serve the purpose of education and enlightenment, but what I know is that I don't like any restraints of the Web freedom. Of course, the anarchy that used to reign on the Internet in the past years, isn't possible any longer, since it would lead to utterly destructive consequences; but, to my mind, this turning the screw has gone a bit too far. I don't want the world to end up with the Web that would be a huge analogue of App Store.

Freedom for Wikipedia!


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