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Is iPhone Really 4S?

Who could have foreseen that Apple's servers would be overloaded after the iPhone 4s and iOS 5 sales launch? Not Apple.

Many of the company's new products purchasers in Europe are complaining about problems with updating their operating systems and activation of the newly acquired Cupertino gadgets. The reason is that Apple's European servers fail to cope with the enormous influx of users, craving to start playing around with their new iPhones. Seriously, who of the Apple managers knew they could need additional server capacity during the sales launch hype?

That's not the only problem with the European iPhones. The talks will get broken in the middle of the phrase, the SMSs will be sent with a huge delay, no network connection is established, and the SIM-cards won't get recognized: these are the most frequent hitches hundreds of German iPhone purchasers are facing these days. To Apple's credit, these problems are plaguing only the clients of Deutsche Telekom. The company's specialists have already announced on its support forum the problems are caused largely by the switched-on PIN query on the older cards, that the happy iPhone 4S purchasers insert into their tech-wonders.

So, what do we have in a nutshell? First we could not get the proper connection quality on the previous model of Apple's device, because we 'didn't handle it properly' and kept blocking the signal from its antenna with our hand. Now we wrongly set our SIM-cards to query the PIN-code… Tell me, is iPhone really 4S?


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