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I Am i'm, Therefore I'm a Watch

Generally, I don't follow any ad links I see in my web-browser window. If I do follow one, though, it must be something really extraordinary or, at least, bloody interesting and intriguing.

This morning I saw such an ad: it was a picture of a watch, called «i'm Watch». What I liked was that the marketing managers of this product have moved away from the commonplace 'i' in its name, even by adding the crushingly boring 'm'. Alas, today, in the times of overbloated sensations, such a simple trick is more than enough to spark off interest even in such a skeptic as me. Well, I must admit that the major reason for following this link was the awesome digit design of the watch: I just couldn't stand the temptation to see the rest.

It is strange that the Italians were the first to come to that simple idea. The gadgets have become one a status indicators, a modern analog of the tribal chief's peacock feathers. The watches have had this function since their first days around the beginning of the 20th century. The idea to combine the status prestige, associated both with the electronic devices and watches, is utterly simple and yet realized for the first time.

i'm Watch: The First Smartwatch in the World

I wouldn't say that's a bargain or a thing I would desperately rush to buy, pushing aside the rivals on my way to the sacramental counter. Still, I'm thinking, whether to spend these 250 Euros (as of the time of publishing this post that would make around 345 USD). I haven't worn any watches since I was a small boy, but I've had a keen interest on tech novelties so why not fill this annoying watch gap in my 'serious man' image with something hi-tech?


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