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Business as Usual

«The Data Frame»: that was the motto of Web 2.0 Summit that ended yesterday in San Francisco.

The Big Shots, heads of almost all biggest IT-monsters in the world, gathered at the Palace Hotel of Fog City to discuss the latest trends of the industry, condemn the rivals' failures, and brag about their own successes.

The IT-horde, attracted ti this event, could boast an impressive amount of big names; Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Dennis Crowley, Dick Costolo: that's an incomplete list of the prominent participants.

Yeah, okay, the composition of the participants was more than full with IT-celebrities, but what about the topics they have discussed? And here comes disappointed, as no major breakthroughs, no foundation-shaking revelations or unexpected turning point announcement were made by any of the guests. Just business as usual…

See for yourself.

1. Costolo proudly announced the number of new member registrations has tripled sine the last Thursday, when Apple made iOS 5 available for downloading.

2. Jack Tretton from Sony set somewhat drowsily the sales launch date of PSVita in Europe and North America on 2/22/2012.

3. Michael Dell contemplated about his company moving towards the service sector and leaving the hardware realm, where it got on its own feet.

Michael Dell at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco

4. Steve Ballmer stayed true to himself and cheekily criticized Google by saying that one has to work in the IT to be able to operate an Android-based phone.

That one likely was the pinnacle of the whole summit. Touchdown, Steve!

Touchdown, Steve!


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