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The last week saw astonishing news from Japan, as Toshiba announced their new display with the unprecedented resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. If you haven't uttered an astonished gasp after reading the previous sentence, I'll give you a hint: the resolution of Galaxy Nexus, the highest one among all the mobile devices, is 1280 x 720 pixels: twice as little.

The upcoming Toshiba display is going to be more than just another über-screen: the experts think it will be the first true retina display, i.e. a display exceeding the discerning capability of the human eye. In other words, you likely won't be able to see any: any pictures on Toshiba's new display will look exactly as if they were printed on paper.

The big problem with the new tech miracle is that the tablets featuring it would require four times as powerful graphics chip as are available now, whereas the power consumption should stay at the same level. Nevertheless, the gizmo geeks should not get upset,since the estimate time, needed for designing such chips, will amount to about one year or even less, according to the assessments of several branch experts.

The waiting begins…

Various resolutions compared


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