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At Last Something Interesting

You know, the gizmo industry has been increasingly boring for the last couple of months. The recipes for new tech wonders the manufacturers presented on the market seemed to be copied from the same IT-recipe book: put more pixels here, additional inches there… Voilà! All that time I was tortured by merciless yawns and kept asking myself, when these guys finally try and come up with something visionary or, at least, unusual enough to get this aha-feelings the geeks all around the world love so much.

In this desolate IT-landscape the flexible screen device, presented by Nokia at Nokia World, is standing out like a lighthouse. Watch and enjoy.


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Can't wait for devices with this flexible display… I have always dreamt about rolling up my smartphone so that it would occupy less space in my pocket or bag: now my dreams seem to be coming true!

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