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Developing typing skills of your child

As the former first U.S. Lady Barbara Bush wrote:

«Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.» I fully agree with her opinion.

Since my little child started walking I sometimes have been found him sitting at the computer and pressing rapidly all the buttons on the key board. It seems that he likes tapping noise the keys make as well as he tries to copy how his Mum or Dad look when they work or play games on their PCs.

Bearing in mind that I'm trying to grow not a monkey, but a man of the future, I decided to make my son's experiments more interesting and useful.

That was a reason for opening my favorite web site and reading some software reviews in the “Education--> Kids” subcategory.

Finally, I opted to download and install the RapidTyping program. If you ask me why, I can only tell you about how my beloved fidget has quickly learned where the most of the keys are placed and how long he usually sits typing the suggested in the task characters, asking me to open more and more “cartoon games” for him. I wish he would learn how to type words as quickly as he learned typing letters.

What is more, my son is very interested in the results: he worries about the colored progress line, although, I guess, he doesn't understand yet what some numbers mean. But he dreams of winning the Champions Cup which looks oddly enough like an old-fashioned kettle placing on a little yellow plinth. I've very appreciated the humor of this program's developers.


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Well, I think that this program is more useful for the adult users than the previous two you have reviewed. My buddy's father types with the mind-blowing speed of 40 characters per minute, so this software would come in handy for him.

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