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Google for Adults

Jay Greene from has brought us some great news: one of the biggest Google flops so far, Google TV, is going to get support from the US adult film industry. No, I'm not talking about an advertising campaign or events with stars participating: it's all about Vivid Entertainment opening its own channel on Google TV. The range of entertainment, provided by Vivid, is really vivid, with the emphasis being primarily naked girls and boys doing nasty things with each other.

The channel is going to be free for the Vivid subscribers, so they will be able to watch HD films on their wide screens gratis. Stephen Hirsch, the company's co-founder and CEO, stated this step is further realization of the company's philosophy of being fully available on the maximal range of devices and platform. Another spokeswoman from Vivid Entertainment announced, the service was launched without any support from Google. This statement was further maintained by the Mountain View giant.


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