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A New Page in Google's History

This week I have come across an awesome article about Larry Page in The New York Times. Well, it is not all about Larry Page, but rather about the new work style permeating the largest IT-company in the world. People are encouraged to speed up a little, to resort to good old personal communication instead of e-mailing, which is merely prolonging the decision-making process and often leads to no result.

However, I cannot say the article is all about praising Larry: in fact, there's a number of issues raised in it, that are quite urgent in Mountain View. First of all it is the seemingly unstoppable brain drain from the search giant. The major brain reservoir, where Google' best minds tend to get, is predictably Facebook. About 140 from 1,700 employees of the largest social networking site in the world have come there directly from Google…

Actually, I think it's of no use to retell you what the article is about. Just read it.

Larry Page


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