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A new life for old characters

As I was a little girl, I liked reading adventure books as well as playing adventure platforming games, such as «Ninja Turtles» or «Duck Stories». You know, there were a lot of games which we could play on Sega or Nintendo consoles… Maybe, you remember how much fun we had playing «Mario» or «Tanks» video games. Of course, I can buy and install any of these consoles at home now, instead of keep having nostalgia. But it seems that time demands new rules. My child is already interested in Sony PlayStation or in computer games as «the other boys have». That is why I'm very happy at the moment when I find a new game which somehow is related to my own childhood and, at the same time, can attract my son's attention. And now there is great news! Two new games are released this November: «Mario7» and «Rayman Origin».

As a great fun of Rayman (as you may know,the first game in this series was launched 1995, and this amazing character was created by Michel Ancel), I've watched the game trailer with childish delight and downloaded a demo version from the Ubisoft web site. Together we are looking forward to playing this game, which no doubts has different challenging levels, stunning graphics, and breathtaking effects.

Let's meet the new adventures of this hero:

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