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The Smart*ss Service

That's, basically, how they bare positioning themselves, which I don't find to be the case really. 'They' are TYSTYA, a new microblogging service. The name is the acronym for «Told You So Ten Years Ago».

As follows from its name, all the messages you live on TYSTYA get published on your account in ten years. All the time in between they are shown among other randomly chosen messages of other users. The emphasis is, of course, predictions of what the world is going to look like in ten years, and these are, just as anything else on the Web. As the service homepage states, TYSTYA is something 'perfect for profound predictions and for proving you're a smartass'.

The weaknesses of the site concept are quite obvious: the users will first be able to see how their predictions correspond to the reality in ten years. All that time TYSTYA will have to eke out its existence promising that 'just in miserable six years' we'll know whether we're really smartasses. I have no idea how the site is going to be supported all that time I mean, who is going to place their ads there, and so on.

Nevertheless, the idea is really cool and I would recommend everybody to check it out, just to have some fun. I doubt you're going to visit twice, but your only single visit will be worth five minutes spent on it.


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