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Do You Have a Spare Cent?

Honestly, sometimes I really want to pay Jimmy Wales all I have on my bank account just to make his staring look disappear from the Wikipedia pages forever and ever. Last year I couldn't help uttering another «aw-w-w-w-w-w» every time I started browsing the free encyclopedia.

This year has brought a new hilarious Jimbo. Obviously, the site designers chose a wrong place for Wales' begging face. Think for yourself:

Jimmy Wales-1

Jimmy Wales-2

Jimmy Wales-3

Wikipedia reputedly raised about 28 million dollars last year. And don't forget it's having a tiny staff of 95 employees. Let's divide 28 million by 95 and we'll get an approximate idea of how much a Wikipedia employee gets from fund-raising. Yeah, I know, they have to pay for the server additional capacity, cables, new hard drives and whatever, but still… 'A non-profit organisation'?


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