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Boring Studying

I've always believed that software can be an additional component in the learning process; that's why an educational program should be attractive, it should have a user-friendly interface with some animations and great sounds included, especially if it is aimed at little kids. I wouldn't be surprised, if my grandchildren went to school with the notebooks instead of school bags, or if pens were completely replaced by keyboards. However, I guess, that educational programs shouldn't be so boring like this one: ABC 4 Kids Workshop

While testing this program, I wasn't able to find any more options than showing 4 pictures related to every letter and calling things presented in them. What is more, the program is shareware. If you would like to spell some words by entering letters in the trial version,as the result you will get «Right» or «Wrong» for a picture with an ant, regardless the letter you've choosen. As for my child, I was able to keep his attention for 2 minutes only. Finally, he couldn't repeat any word because, I guess, the pronunciation quality was too low.


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Yeah, this program was a complete miss for me two. I've messed up with it no longer than 2 minutes either. Then I just gave up and launched Half-Life 2.

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

Honey, have you ever realized that all these apps are for small children? You're already too mature for such windy activities :P

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

The boy's cutieee ^_^ But gosh, poor mom!..
Well, okay, that's at least not that dangerous to try these apps out, so you nay go on :P

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