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Either to ban or to reward

I've come across one interesting thing. Social networks became the subject of bitter argument as they were suspected of having provoked a set of riots in the UK. Of course, in the world of telephones, emails, icq, skype and other developed technologies Facebook and Twitter are the chief instigators. Hehehe. That's the reason why the UK government cherished a hope to ban the social networks. And otherwise, they are strategically important for the power because of their growing influence on people's mood so the authority is sure to cultivate this inexhaustible source of putting pressure on our mind. Dear Facebook and Twitter, take care!


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Banning Facebook would be the most imbecillical decision a politician could take: in the U.S.A. the tech companies are the largest and most influential lobbying forces by far, officially spending millions and millions of dollars on their elgal legislative suport (sounds a bit funny — 'legal legislative', eh?). Other than that, you seem to have forgotten, how lavishly they were praised by the European politician this Arab spring exactly for their help in instigating riots and demonstrations against the tyrannies.
Not that the European governments are all cute fluffy puppies, licking the hands of their voters, but they are no Gaddafis and Putins as well, and it would be utter nonsense to try to ban Facebook in a democratic country like UK, instead of exploiting the advantages it gives to the police: remember, how many people fell under suspicion of the authorities exactly thanks to their posting on Facebook?

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

I completely agree with your point of view. 'Dear Facebook and Twitter, take care' sounds a bit ironical, doesn't it?
Indeed, social networks are just boons, numerous pieces of cakes for spies like CIA and tax police services.
And don't you think it'd be funny if the new landmark world revolution occurred thanks to Facebook :)

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

That's definitely not what Mark is craving for.

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