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Firefox will Stay Here till 2014

Google has pondered it would be too much to take the risk of turning off the money tap for Firefox. Just imagine, what would have happened, if Page had taken the decision to bring down Mozilla: gazillions of angry Firefox fans from all over the globe would have accused the Mountain View corporation of getting rid of their rivals in a dishonest way…

Oh, sorry I have completely forgotten that you may be out of the swim! I'll try to make it out for you a bit.

So, I used to wonder what the major money source for the open-source Firefox browser is. A couple of days ago I found out what it is: Google! From time immemorial the Internet search giant sponsored Mozilla, which, in turn, made Google its default search.

The problem was that the contract was in effect till 2012, and it was the year when Google was to deprive the major rival of its Chrome web-browser of the money.

Today it became clear that this will not be the case, and Firefox will stay with us till at least 2014.

So, cheerio!


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