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DAMN, The Future You Scarry!

This video rocks as it shows that within the next 2-3 years our AMOLED displays will be virtually unbreakable, reducing the price of the products those screens are used in — lower insurance premiums and so on!


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HappySnappy HappySnappy # 0 Up Down

Oh, I wish I had it a couple of months ago, when I managed to break screens of three devices within three days. Ew.

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

You mean like HappySnappy broke the third device screen running and coins poured from above, accompanied with the cheerfully pronounced phrase 'M-m-m-m-m-m-m-monster kill!!!'?

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Anyway,tell us how did you succeed in breaking three (!) screens? A screen per day?=)

dmitriy dmitriy # 0 Up Down

I want to know that story as well… screw the blog post, the drama is in the comments.

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