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The Finger Policy

I love MG Siegler, because there is constantly something happening to him, there's a hive of life around him.

This time he happened to expose a weird Google offensive content policy, as the profile picture of him, giving the world his middle finger, was deleted by Google without any notification. He just opened his account and found out his dear picture was no more.

That is one more Google+ idiocy after enforcing the users to register accounts for their real names. As for the latter thing, later Page, Schmidt & Co had to back off from this hilariously cretinous policy: the increases in user numbers in Google's social networks are too far from being sensational to flush people with banning psedonyms.

Meanwhile MG Siegler posted a new profile photo does not offend anybody with obscene gestures.

Update: Quite many users of Google+ changed their profile pics Siegler-style, flipping Google+ and its avsurd policies. Seems like this trend can go viral.


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Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

Doesn't Google+ mind that its logo is a sub for the inappropriate gesture?)

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