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Taming Facebook?

It looks like this day is Facebook's day. Every single interesting thing I read in tech blogs or come across on the Web has somehow to do with the planet's biggest social network.

This article by Anil Dash is no exception.

The guy essentially maintains the point of view, according to which Zuckerberg and his entourage are intentionally hamering our access to the Web outside of Facebook, at the same time shamelessly gathering information about you by means of the so-called 'frictionless sharing'.

The resulting overall picture is rather disappointing: one of the biggest sites on Earth in terms of traffic generation just happens to be… malevolent.

Yeah, I know that the motives behind this malevolence can hardly be accounted for Zuckerberg's desire to achieve the global dominance or something like that. The real reasons are more prosaic: money. They just want more money.

And it's not their fault that such a humongous part of our life take place on the Web these days.


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