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Cute Gunk

Tel me, how on Earth can a talk about ear and eye gunk be so engrossing for a man's heart?

Honestly, I've never seen such a cute description of the excreta, produced by the organs on our head.

This video of an all-American blue-eyed blondie, fluently chatting in Mandarin Chinese (the whole situation feels a bit like a scene in one of David Linch's films, doesn't it?), has been a huge hit in the People's Republic of China, getting more than one and a half million view on the local YouTube counterpart. And, you know, I can see why.


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dmitriy dmitriy # 0 Up Down

What a noble thing she is doing. She is teaching Chinese people the things that they never learn from textbooks. I mean it is much better to learn the word booger this way than in an embarrassing situation when someone random is pointing it on your face and you keep replying: «Booger. What is BOOGER?»

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

That's the real language people speak, at least. And she's ree-e-e-eal cute, which makes the learning process even more fun.

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Yeah, I agree. It's impossible not to learn words in a case like that. Bravo!

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

Really well-done. This young smart lady uses all teacher's tricks: she names a word and demonstrates it. Then she provides a figurative meaning of the word and bright examples.By the way, she is pretty.

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