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No News from Microsoft

Know what I've noticed recently? There's no big news from Microsoft. No, not that there is no news from Redmond at all, but it's all small stuff: 'We're planning this and that… Windows 8 will be out around October… We're having some new interesting perspectives in sight...'

But it's nothing interesting. And it's sad.

We constantly here some hot news from the headquarters of Apple, Facebook keeps delivering some new interesting stuff, and Google is never tired of flushing down its image of an anti-Microsoft down the toilet by committing another stupid marketing mistake.

And Microsoft is just somewhere there… Like the sky or dogs, or trees. And that's real bad for an IT company, because one of the pre-requisites of its success is that people talk about it. Otherwise, they'll start buying the products of its competitors who have cared more about everyone remembering their name well.

It becomes even sadder, when I think that this year has seen the first Steve Ballmer's failed keynote on CES. The whole event being exceptionally cool in 2012, the speech by the Microsoft boss was unexpressive, unemotional and just boring. Of course, when can think about the 'low quality' of this keynote, which has been, by the way, the last one a Microsoft CEO has made on CES, as an expressive gesture from Microsoft to the CES organizators, 'We don't care about your goddamn event at all.'

But dear Mr. Ballmer, I miss your mad rants so much…


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Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

Having watched the video, I stood up, came up to the window and then went to the kitchen to drink some water. Then I decided to go for a walk and strolled for 2 hours. And there was only one thought in my head all this time: 'developers, developers,developers,developers,developers,developers,developers'. Oh no, again!

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