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Guys, This is the BEST game, since the Neverhood!!!

DO not ask me how I found this, but this game is quite awesome. If you were a computer gamer back in 90s there is a possibility that you've heard about only the best game ever created for PC for that time: The Neverhood — a comic puzzle quest game.

The Neverhood

You get to fight villains, solve puzzles to get through doors, and figure out how to get on the other side of things. Well… the developers abandoned the project… but ALAS, something better has come our way (at least those people who like this genre)… Machinarium for Windows, Linux, Macs by Amanita Design.

Machinarium, gameplay

Somewhat comical puzzle game about a robot who is trying to get his way «home», while meeting obstacles and other robots on its way.

Machinarium, Accessing the Walkthrough

I've only played Demo for about 15 minutes, but I now know what I will be doing this Friday and Saturday as soon as this day is over — it is only 10 bucks, which also includes outstanding soundtrack to the game.

Machinarium: System Requirements

From the screenshot below it seems that there are 30 locations to explore.

Machinarium: The End of Demo Levels

Well it is 5 PM, and it is time to go home and finish off the rest of the 27 levels or perhaps 30 more. Good luck playing the game, everyone!


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Thanks, man, you've made my day with that game. I've spent the whole weekend, trying to solve the head-breaking puzzles in that game. It's worth each and every cent of its 10 dollar price.

dmitriy dmitriy # 0 Up Down

I like how even the walkthroughs in this game will give you just a general idea of what needs to be done — you will still have to figure out the whole thing on your own. The soundtrack is freaking awesome too… 3 day later — 10 bucks well spent!

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