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Pipasopaakta: A Copyright Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a young fellow, called Jukko, who lived in a distant Finnish village Piiratta Beja. Most of all Jukko loved gathering cowberry on swamps: he would wander there for hours, filling his basket with sweet reddish berries. Then he would bring them home and give them to his mother, so that she could make a delicious cowberry jam.

One day Jukko went too deep into the swamps and came to the lands that belong to the rich Unni Verisallo Muusika, a very rich and cruel sorcerer, who didn't want anybody to gather berries there, unless they paid him money. Jukko was from a poor family and did not have any money, so he had always kept away from Unni Verisallo's swamps. But this time he got so carried away by gathering sweet cowberries that he did not notice he entered the dark, sombre lands of the sorcerer.

Suddenly, a blood-chilling howl resounded in the woods, as if some hungry, evil beast felt the presence of strangers in its domain.

'Oh no! I'm in Unni Verisallo's lands!' thought Jukko. 'Who knows, what devilish creatures guard his cowberries?!'

At the very moment this thought crossed Jukko's mind, the twigs of the near bush crunched and an ugly monster crept out from there. That's what it looked like:

'I am Pipasopaakta, Unni Verisallo Muusika's guard! And who are you, wretched worm, to gather berries in my lord's possessions?'

'I am Jukko, a poor peasant from Piiratta Beja, the nearby village! I've lost my way in the woods. I am sorry for disturbing you nd your lord, o Pipasopaakta. I did not mean it. I am just a poor Jukko. I shall never do it again. Please let me go!'

'No!' said Pipasopaakta and swallowed the poor Jukko in a twinkling.


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Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

I do love this fairy tale full of metaphors) I'm sure Piiratta Beja is immortal and Pipasopaakta will choke one day.
People from this village is especially cute and cunning. I often visit this place, by the way :)

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

As for me, I've been waiting for something like PIPA. I think the bill is not so senseless as it seems at the first glance. Pirates overwhelm the market, so there's a need for some actions to reduce its level.

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