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People vs. ACTA

Poland is no longer the only European country that hasn't signed the ACTA agreement.

The Czech prim-minister Petr Nečas and the Slovak finance minister Juraj Miškov have declared today that signing the agreement in tehir respective countires has been postponed, because their governments still have to analyse what possible economic consequences introduction of ACTA may have.

The only thing I can say in this connection is «Thanks God!»

ACTA is not a thing that the today's society really needs. Of course, the copyright is something to be protected and carefully cherished by the state, because only financial stimuli can allow people to earn their living with creative work and give us opportunities to enjoy great books and films. But there's one big 'but': the copyright protection should take into account the fact that it's not only the right holders who take part in producing and 'consumption' of creative work, it's we,the people, as well.

It's we, the people, who is diadvantaged and suppressed by agreements like ACTA or SOPA. It's we, the people, who wants playwrights write their plays, who wants composers to compose music, and who wants artists to create their paintings. It's we, the people, who gets under suspicion by default and have to prove we're not guilty. It's we, the people, whose laptops, smartphones and other devices will be examined at aiprots and railway stations because customs officers just have ground to believe we may transport illegally copyright infringing materials (like they didn't like our face). And I'm happy that it's we, the people, who are taking it to the street and protesting against ACTA.


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CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

I wonder why some countries such as Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania,for example, have signed ACTA blindly and without any discussion.

In Latvia, the information is spread to ex post facto as a small note that Ambassador Peteris Vaivars, being on a working visit to Japan on behalf of the Government signed this agreement. This article was published only on some news sites, and it was displayed in the bottom of the page. Statements by officials that the draft agreement had been disscussed a lot do not correspond to reality.

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

You know, I believe that people in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are protesting just because the whole story has been leaked to the media. If it hadn't happened, there would have been absolutely no protests in these countries, just as planned. Now ignoring the public outrage would be equal to committing a political suicide for the ruling parties of the three Slav nations.

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Oh yes, I agree. People wouldn't have put up with the bills, if they had known. There're no people indifferent to SopaPipa. I'm a lazybones but even I would have resolutely gone and expressed my strong 'fie'!

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