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Google's Goggles

Looks like Google really does mean it. The search giant is allegedly working on the Augmented Reality glasses.

I hope they won't be like that

According to, people, wearing these glasses, will see the world much like Schwarznegger in Terminator 2, with long rows of figures and text, giving some basic information about the object they are looking at. I hope that these people won't take up the T-800's other features, like hanging around in the buff.

The Google fans will have to wait long before they can finally lay their hands on the new device, however; the development cycle may take up to several years. In the meantime Google can tease the public with the device prototype, tested by a small user group. Among other features, planned in the AR-glasses, are the voice in- and output and almost smartphone-equivalent CPU/RAM/storage hardware, whereas the major thing about the new gizmo will be control through head-tilting and gestures.

So don't be surprised if in a couple of years you'll see people in sun glasses, waving their hands and tilting their head awkwardly. Perhaps, they'll be just reading the local snack bar menu.


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Doch :) returns 404, you've misspelled the 'o'

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Not so epic if you're no Grammar Nazi =)

Heil Spellcheck!

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