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The Duck Manhunt

I'm sure many of you old-timers remember the cult Duck Hunt Nintendo game, where you had to shoot ducks with a plastic guns, delivered separately from the console. Yeah, the one with the annoying laughing dog. As a kid, I had no dream other than killing that bastard; but the gun won't shoot him down.

The plastic gun, used in the game, is called Laser Clay Shooting System and was developed by Nintendo back in 1973. Now, thirty-nine years later, a similar gat has been brought to the market by MetalCompass, this time wireless and used with the smartphones. Right, wireless and used with the smartphones.

Xappr Gun isn't good for reducing the world duck population: the deer you're gonna hunt with it are other smartphone users. Tagword 'Augmented Reality'.

In other words, the FPS are coming into the real life: the ATK shooter, which is currently under development by MetalCompass has all the chances to become the first big AR-game, revolutionizing the whole video game industry. The game will revolve around the old as the world Paintball concept. Players will come at each other, each with a Xappr Gun and their smartphone camera on. After a bit of firefight, those who have been hit will lose.

What can I say? I love the idea. It' really awesome. My buddies are much better than the ducks in my old gogglebox, and there'll be no dog at the end. As if it were not enough, the gun is gonna cost only lousy $30.

Wanna prove who's the best gun shooter this side of Mississippi?


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