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Apple Shipping iPad 3 to the USA?

After a two-week revel spree in a nice company of friends I finally got to the computer and checked whether there have been around any new interesing pieces of tech news. Nah, there haven't.

Oh wait, not quite so! Actually, there was one report that captured my attention: the latest rumours about iPad 3 being on the to the largest US airports. According the Chinese-language resource (just give the machine translation a try), an unknown Apple cargo is being transported to the three largest US airports (ORD in Chicago, JFK in New York, and LAX in Loas Angeles). Of course, with unusually drastic security measures. In light of the recent persistent rumours about the iPad 3 presentation on March 7 it would be really hard to think of anything else that Apple could ship from China.

This news gave birth to some other hearsay, like that Apple will take pre-orders for the third installment of iPad and is not going to take iPad 2 down.

What can I say? Thank you, teh Apple folks, you've saved my day. But for you, I would have fallen asleep, reading the latest tech news.


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I think Apple is carrying an intrigue on: it deliberately makes a closely-guarded secret of iPad and simultaneously allows it to leak in order to provoke curiosity towards its production.
By the way, I'm not a nationalist, of course, but I don't want to keep in mind that my iPad was done in China which reputation is associated with cheap manufacture production of mass-produced items.

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Well, iPad is a mass-produced item, and the manufacture in China is really cheap and low-cost in comparison with that in the USA and, veen more so, in Europe. So what is so annoying about it? Do you want instead an iPad of the same quality but twice as expensive?

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