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Good Mother or Bad Mother?

So many troubles

Mother is a social status that can accommodate a huge number of social roles — teacher, friend, cook, tutor, and sometimes even the child's father. Being a good mom is one the most difficult tasks we may face during our life.

I was really a good mother befor I had kids...

It was even before the birth of our kids that many of us felt confident in our abilities and in our willingness to have children. But as soon as our children are born some of us realize that they really are not ready to educate and raise their children.

A baby can affect the whole way of your life: you should overcome yourselves, change yourselves. A small creature is now dictating to you how you should spend your time, when you have to go to bed or get up. Even, on how often your baby is ill, it will depend whether you will be able to return to your favorite work, or you will be sitting at home, disconnected from the outside world.

Sometimes we ask ourselves frankly, whether we are a good or a bad parent for our kids, whether or not we are doing everything right for their upbringing? We begin to think about this issue a lot. We try to test ourselves.

However, we should be positive and love our noisy fidgets.

To solve the problems you can read some tips that can really help you to overcome all obstacles and raise a new man.

Love your little fidgets!


Comments (3)

Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

The test has shown that I'm going to be a perfect mother, but the point is that I'm not a parent yet and I don't know exactly how I'd react to different mischiefs of my future child. I've chosen the answers I regard as right ones but who knows how I'll behave in actual fact. So I can't name tests of that kind reliable ones.
Special thanks for the key ingredients to be not just a mother, but a good one.

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

Just the same about me :) You know, I might be wrong, but only happy parents can make their child happy — so, being successful in the career (previous or current — depends on the parent :) ), moral maturity of both parents and love should be enough to raise a happy lady or gentleman.

CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

In my view, the worst harm we may cause to our children is lack of permanence in the education. If a parent is not a self-confident person and he/she constantly is doubting in his/her actions children are unlikely to respect and obey such parent. However, I'm totally agree with tauri that if you love your kids, you have a much better chance to raise them successful people.

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