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The New and Improved SimCity '5' in 2013!

Finally, there is something to look forward in 2013 (I mean this is besides the alleged the end of our civilization). Maxis has announced the release of the ever popular SimCity sometime in 2013. Check out the youtube's trailer video. It looks so awesome, I wanna play NOW!


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BookWorm BookWorm # 0 Up Down

What I can say is wow. Everything looks so realistic!

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

That is really something, I like it, as well. That's a nifty job. The graphics are perfect and it's so close to real life.

dmitriy dmitriy # 0 Up Down

Yep, especially the some-sort of nuclear power-station in the middle of the town — so real life :-) But hey, I would play something like that for sure!

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

I never could get the point of The Sims: playing… the real life? Isn't it what we do every day? It's like as if a chef would come home after a long working day at his restaurant and then would start cooking the Irish stew just to entertain himself, because he doesn't have anything else to do.
I think there's no better real-life simulator than the real life.

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