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All Your Base Are Belong to FBI

As several members of the frenetic LulzSecurity group were arrested several hours ago, the feds made public the information concerning the mastermind behind the notorious hacker mob and, at the same time, the FBI operation aimed at putting the other Web-criminals into slammer.

This high-profile traitor has turned out to be Sabu, the Number One hacker in LulzSecurity. Hector Monsegur (Sabu's real name) was doxed (de-anonymized) by FBI aeons ago — on June 25, 2011, even before his group started their 50-day corporate servers hack marathon. After his arrest, he, worried about his two children, agreed to co-operate with the feds.


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tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

Are LulzSecurity and Anonymous the same stuff, what? Where does this Sabu belong? :)

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

What you should take into account, is that Anonymous is not an organized movement with any bodies or leaders controlling or regulating their actions in a ny way. It is rather a fuzzy-bordered collection of more or less like-minded people, most of whom spend a considerable part of their time on sites like There is not such a thing as a general Anonymous ideology. Of course, we could outline some basic ideas that most of the Anonymous hackers share, but I doubt there will be one single idea that could unite them all.
In fact, Lulz Security is an offshoot of Anonymous, a radical movement within that movement, which proclaims getting «lulz» (something like 'fun') the major purpose of their hacking activities. In this respect, their hacks were more about pranking than advancing some political or social cause. Roughly speaking, they could be compared to the Khmer Rouge as the most radical branch of the Communists. I am sure that if Marx read about the ideas the Khmer Rouge promoted he would be… ahm… extremely puzzled. The same is true for Lulz Security and Anonymous (where I should make a remark that Lulz Security is, funnily enough, much closer to the inital ideology of Anonymous).

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