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I'll pay...I promise...Don't take Wi-Fi! I do need it!

The number of people ready to pay between $5 and $13 for Internet access on flights has doubled in a little over a year to more than eight percent, and is expected to hit 10 percent by the end of the year, research firm In-Stat reports. On some flights like those between San Francisco and Boston (cities that are considered to be technology-oriented) above 25 percent of passengers use the Internet. To be quite frank, the majority of passengers still consider this service to be overpriced.

For now more than 1,700 planes in the USA have Internet access available, and the number is increasing. For instance, US Airways has announced that it will upgrade 90 percent of its fleet with Wi-Fi by the end of the next year. Talking about prices, we may notice that they vary by airline, i.e. $5 for flight durations of 90 minutes or less, and $10 for up to 3 hours. Some Airlines offer free Wi-Fi for first-class passengers, regarding it as a way to attract more wealthy flyers.

Among the most popular uses of in-flight Wi-Fi we can name downloading books, checking into social services and tracking one's own flight.

To finish up, I would like to say that despite the price many passengers find this service very attractive as it helps spend the flight time more quickly.


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Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

To be honest, I don't understand people who make use of Internet while on the board. I think it's great time to have a rest, think everything over and just stare at the sky. By the way, it's cheaper a bit but, of course, that's not a point :)

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

Yeah, I agree with you. It's just an example that demonstrates a kind of addiction. Using Wi-Fi is so hard to resist:)

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