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Apple Upside Down

I thought there 's no justice in this world anymore but Ozzies have proved me wrong.

About two weeks ago I published a ranting post about Apple messing us about. A long story short, Apple claimed thejir new iPad is LTE-capable, whereas the 4G networks are available to iPad owners only in the United States and Canada. This didn't stop many official distributors, as well as Apple itself from advertising the 4G capablities of the new iPad.

After the Australian consumer watchdog accused Apple of misleading advertising, the company's lawyer hastened to say the company is going to send all iPad purchasers an e-mail, offering them a refund, offering a refund before it goes too far in the court.

Yay! The truth has surfaced! Partially =-)


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

The key word is 'partially') Of course, everything can happen and a half of emails can accidentically get lost. Or another error will occur, also by chance, and two-three millions people won't get the message. Who knows what can happen)

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