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Assassins' Creed for Kinect

Well, among all of the April jokes, this one was the best.


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CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

Oh yeah, broken limbs and noses, or bumps on foreheads would be especially unpleasant in our real life! This video could be used for educational purposes to show for young people, in order to prevent their passion for computer games.

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

After watching, I'm yearning to play Assassins' Creed on Kinect: looks like this video cannot prevent my passion for computer games.

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

It really made me laugh) Thanx;))Such exaggerated things can demonstrate how these games look from the inside.

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

Don't these people think how silly they look?) Never mind, I'm just jealous. I do want this thing for my birthday.

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