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Freebie has come to its end

Are you used to reading digital edition of popular broadsheets on the Internet? If so, try not to get upset as freebie has come to its end. Now 300 serious newspapers have abolished the chance to get news for free and established so called pay walls. This means that today many digital newspapers limit the access to news. Eager to get something hot and urgent? You're welcome but, please, pay some fees.

The publishers regard their actions as right ones as the idea they have been developing has proved to be a failure for them. They wanted to attract readers' attention to their newspapers and hoped that it caused the boom of printed editions. But, otherwise, people have a weakness for freebies and the circulation has decreased, as a result.

What do you feel about the actions taken?

The price is prohibitive but still...)


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

To be frank, it seems reasonable as the publishers do need to earn money. Of course, no one can deny that it's awesome to get everything for free. But the times are changing.

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

You know, I would be really grateful to you, if you gave me a link to the list of these newspapers.

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