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Do you know KATE?

Do you know KATE?

KATE v1.0 is an innovative humanoid robot. KATE means the Kids Avatar Teacher and Entertainer. It is such a darling!

Would you like to have a nurse alike for your dear baby?


Comments (3)

CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

Oh, my kids would definitely be delighted by this great toy! However, I do not think that they will perceive it as a serious tool for training. I'm afraid they will behave badly.

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

I can hardly imagine my baby with this...high-tech! A teacher should be alive but not a heap of iron!

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

A controversial question, I would like to say yes...but we all know that something might go wrong and consequences can be unexpected…

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