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The Corporation of Good rushes to help!

The developers of the worldwide-known social network Facebook announced that they tend to be affiliated to some considerable resources in order to support programs that can help to prevent suicide attempts. 'It gives us the great opportunity to give every possible assistance to everyone who needs it', said the representative of Facebook Frederic Wolens.

Quite often people who think that there is no point going on with life send these kinds of messages to their web pages and the developers are able to keep track of them and help suicide-eager users. Support services will work non-stop monitoring such messages. Moreover everyone will have an option to inform Facebook specialists of their friends' problems pointing the link to the needed page.

After that professional psychologists get down to business.

Nowadays Internet and Social Network are so deeply penetrated into lives and minds of people all over the world that this form of public controlling seems to be quite promising.

Does it have the right to exist?


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

On the one hand, it can save someone's lives… but on the other, where is the distiction between those who are really willing to commit a suicide and those who are simply in a bad mood?

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

Yeah, okay, I'm going to cut my veins open and bleed to death in a nice cozy bath. So, what do I do,according to Facebook? I post a message on my Facebook profile that goes like: 'Hi everybody! I hate you to the very bottom of my heart and want to die. Bye, you cruel world!' And what do I do next? I stay at my computer, staring at the screen and waiting till some professional psychologist contacts me.
Seems legit.

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