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Salam World!

Unless you're living in a hut somewhere deep in forests, afar from the corrupting influence of civilization, you must be having at least one Muslim friend or acquaintance. The odds are, you're actually having more than one; the numbers of Muslims living in the Western countries has been constantly on increase in the recent past decades, as the Muslims have outgrown their status as 'the religious minority' on the global stage and have been gaining more and more importance in defining the current global agenda.

The 2000-s saw the emergence of a completely new, Halal market, run by Muslims and for Muslims. Now almost everywhere you can buy Halal food, watch the Muslim television or read Muslim books. The only thing missing is the Muslim Web, fine-tuned to the requirements and values of Islam.

And that's one of the reasons why the Muslims are far less engaged in the Internet activities than people living in the Western countries. The Internet is bulging with offensive content; its amorphous, rhisoma-like structure prevents any efficient control of what, how and when is published on the Internet.

On the other hand, the almost unexplored 300 million people strong market opens up huge opportunities every entrepreneur who's got a fine nose for big, very big money.

It is the big money that gave birth to the idea of SalamWorld, a planned Muslim-oriented social network. As its developers claim in their YouTube promo video, SalamWorld is based on scrupulous following of the Islamic values and ideals, giving its users a safe ground for communicating and sharing without fearing to deal with offensive content. Still, the prima causa of its existence is the prospective of billions of dollars, cashed-in yearly by the site owners: making big money is virtually the central point of the promo video, which is, apparently, intended to be watched by potential investors.

The funny thing is that SalamWorld is not the first and only Muslim social network launched or planned. The other upcoming project is Salamlife, another social network, which, however, is available exclusively for the Muslims.


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tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

Interesting...are there any social networks in China?

asesino asesino # 0 Up Down

This article is interesting. But the gal in that picture is more interesting. it seems there is something hidden in her smile. is there anyone who will help me to find abt her...??

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

People tend to create different networks according to their interests.There're a lot related to fishing, driving, fashion, etc. Here it is — a site for muslims only. Quite predictable)

asesino asesino # 0 Up Down

hei gal in the picture… why don't we be friends…

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