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The Elder Scrolls: Game Over

They've ruined it. They've tried and ruined it. A whole year before the release, I know that they've totally ruined it, they've failed, they've left themselves not a single goddamn chance. They've killed The Elder Scrolls.

If you don't understand what I'm driving at, you must not have heard yet about the upcoming… wait, I'll try to pronounce it without a tremble in my voice… about the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO. Elder. Scrolls. MMO.

It sounds even worse than 'the clean-shaven Mario' or 'Gordon Freeman talking rubbish'. Man, it sounds even worse than 'peanut butter with bacon' or 'Gentoo installation in 2 hours'! It's gonna be an ELDER SCROLLS MMO, for Christ's sake!

If you've never even touched an Elder Scrolls game CD box, I'll give you a hint: all (bold Italic underscored: ALL) Elder scrolls games were single-player, the multiplayer mode was not even in sight, it was totally out of the question. And now they want us to play a MMO.

Just think about it: the size of Vvardenfell (the island where the events in TES III: Morrowind took place), Cyrodiil (the Imperial Province from TES IV: Oblivion) and Skyrim (well, you know, TES V: Skyrim, Fus-ro-dah, horned helmets, hens worthy to kill people for and stuff...) are roughly comparable. But the sheer scope of the provinces of Daggerfall and Hammerfell from TES II: Daggerfall, which were twice as large as Great Britain, and it must be challenging for Zenimax to combine it with the other said three provinces. Yeah, Zenimax! It's not even Tod Howard's team who is developing this game!

And how do they want to reproduce the scenery in the three last TES games? Will Vivec be the same? Will the Imperial palace be the same? Will the players be able to zerg-rush Dagoth Ur, Vivec or Alamalexia to death and what will then happen to the TES lore?

Yeah, by the way, what will happen to the TES lore? I mean, we all know what happens to a carefully developed storylines as a MMO-game within the framework world is rolled out (like WOW which, to my mind, ruined the thoroughly thought-out Warcraft world).

Man, The Elder Scrolls have always been games where you literally had to live, where you had to play your part to the end, to correspond to the character path you chose unless you're a hopeless munchkin. In these games, you would get immersed, engrossed into Tamriel, you would learn to follow this world's rules, its innner logic. It's gonna be million times harder when you'll be surrounded by hordes of trolls, i.e. not in-game three-eyed trolls but the spooky Web ones (abandon all hope, ye who enter here), by oodles of hooting schoolboys, by clanwars and raids in some Daedra temples or Dwemer ruins.

Just imagine: you enter Orsinium and the first Orc you come across is called not something like «Shagrob gra-Muzgob» but rather "%D0|\/|1|\|AT0R%", and his first phrase is the invariable «PVP?». And believe me, that's what will happen. That's the future of the TES series.

What a fudge, Zenimax?


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

Why are you so unnecessarily anxious? I'm crazy about computer games, as well,but I can't find anything offensive or ridiculous even after reading your post. The updates are not so bad, I suppose.

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

Madre de Dios, woman, have you ever played any TES game?

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