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Instagram Camera

The question is 'What would Instagram look like if it were a real camera?'

Any suggestions? The team at ADR Studio shared one.

Since Facebook has bought Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock, many users, bloggers, economy experts have thought Instagram could build its first real photo camera. So, that’s is!

It comes with 16 gigs of storage, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen display, two lenses (one dedicated and another for 3-D filters, apps and QR-code scanning) and internal printer a la Polaroid.

The thing is that you shouldn't feel so much excited as it is only a concept.


Comments (4)

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

It's an interesting idea for photo-making lovers. I like its surface appearance. Old school style. Nice)

Zecar Zecar # +1 Up Down

I think it's so dull for a billion-dollar device)

Zocker Zocker # +1 Up Down

Yeah, will the price tag be about a billion again?

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

A billion? It seems to me that the price should be much much higher) What about 2?)

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