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Lots Of Love

The facepalm is one of those gestures that feel appropriate when it comes to politics. When it comes to the British politics, the facepalm start feeling even more appropriate. And when I heard about David Cameron's goof, I really risked breaking my own nose with my hand rapidly approaching my face.

Rebekah Brookes, the former chief editor of the News of the World and The Sun, revealed to the public that the PM was quite out of the loop in text messaging. The 43-year-old witnessed at the Leveson Inquiry that Mr Cameron signed off some of his messages to her with the notorious 'LOL' acronym. However, the PM didn't intend to offend Mrs Brooks with it, nor did he or his counterpart crack any fantastically funny jokes.

The poor PM attached the LOL-word to his messages in firm belief that it means 'Lots of Love'.

So, now you see it?


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