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To protect your child on the Internet

The more my child grows, the more I have to concern about his safety while being online. Like any normal parent, I get a bit anxious about this issue, especially when considering the fact whether laws can prevent children from viewing explicit material or not. We can't be sure that this is possible, that it is not another „myth“.

What should a not versed in the modern technologies parent think about this problem's solution? How can this issue be resolved? Should I pay any additional money to buy special parental control software? Or would it better to agree with my son on how to use Internet and how to be careful when registering on social networks?


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

This is undoubtedly a beautifully imaginative question whether to allow kids to surf the net or not. I think that nowadays the only way-out is to buy special parental control software. It seems to me that it is almost impossible to explain to a child what sites are ok and what sites he should never visit due to some reasons.

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

That's perfectly imitates the totalitaran way of thinking: It is nigh impossible to impose the right way of behaviour on people; therefore, we're just gonna install some superveillance systems to ensure they're watched all the time.
The pursuit if these totalitarian policies is totally unacceptable to my mind.

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

The Internet now has trash that shouldn't be seen by children.

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