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Freaking You Out

There are so many principles that game developers keep believing but that just turn out to be totally false… One of them is that a game should at all times stay totally rewarding and encouraging. In plain terms, a game should be easy enough, otherwise the average player that the developers always keep in mind when tinkering another summer blockbuster or epic RPG. And that's why I hate most modern so much: they just spoonfeed the gameplay, they spoonfeed you the stroy, they spoonfeed you the walk through. Everything is aimed at facilitating your advancement further in the game without excessive straining of your brain.

And I am thankful to the Universe that there still is one genre that has not been spoilt by the overall game-industry 'casualize-it-for-the-soccer-mums' principle. I'm talking about the indie platformers. Once the most casual game genre, nowadays the platformers has become a haven for all those who reject the mass media pop-corn aesthetics of Call of Duty and Diablo III and turn to artistically more interesting forms of game design. Hipsters, nerds, geeks, freaks: all those people agree about one thing; there are no gameplay laws that could not be broken.

That's why I almost clapped my hands when I found Unfair Platformer, one of the most frustrating games I've play in the recent couple of years. Although the game's short as hell, the first time you'll play it, you'll need more than an hour and several hundreds of deaths to walk it through. The game authors did everything to cheat on you, frustrate you in the worst way possible, and make you hack bashing you keypad in impotent rage. Just try it. Freak out a bit.


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Observer Observer # 0 Up Down

Really you need plenty of time to win. I wasted two hours to do it.

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

The game is quite pretty but it fails to overcome Mario) I don't like its graphics.

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